02 December 2016

Quotes buried on FB profile

"Fortiter et Fideliter" - "Bravely and faithfully". - Fallon Family Motto

"There's no I in team, but there is an I in pie.

There's an I in meat pie.
The anagram of meat is team, I don't really know what he's talking about... " - Simon Pegg (Shaun)

"Blow wind, come wrack! At least we'll die with harness on our back." - Macbeth

"The workers have nothing to lose but their chains, and have a world to win. Workers of the world, unite!" - Marx

"I cannot die ... What would happen to Germany?" - Kaiser Frederick III

"God has made us for civilising the world. Woe and death to all who resist my will." - Kaiser Wilhelm II

"The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia." - Otto von Bismarck

"Hard pressed on my right. My center is yielding. Impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent. I attack." - Marshal Ferdinand Foch

"Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man." - Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski

"Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos." - Walter Sobchak

"If I went 'round saying I was an Emperor, just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!" - Dennis

"It is with much embarrassment that I have returned alive." - Shoichi Yokoi

"Let's do 'em, man! Let's do this whole fucking village!" - Bunny

"The greatest battle implement ever devised." General Patton, on the M1 Garand

"Countries do not exist where I am from. The discovery of the Higgs boson led to limitless power, the elimination of poverty and Kit-Kats for everyone. It is a communist chocolate hellhole and I'm here to stop it ever happening." - Eloi Cole

"I'd like to send this letter to the Prussian consulate in Siam by aeromail. Am I too late for the 4:30 autogyro?" - Charles Montgomery Burns

“I might have jumped into Normandy but at least I got some liberties in London and Paris. You gyrenes, you got nothing but jungle rot and malaria. Welcome home." - Cab Driver in The Pacific

"They taught me how to kill Japs... I got pretty damn good at it" - Eugene Sledge

"Point, Ray. I was one of those unfortunates adopted by upper middle-class professionals and nurtured in an environment of learning, art and a socio-religious culture steeped in more than 2000 years of Talmudic tradition. Not everyone is lucky enough to have been raised in a whiskey tango trailer park by a bow-legged female whose sole qualification for motherhood is a womb that happened to catch a sperm of a passing truck driver." - Sgt. Brad "Iceman" Colbert

"What makes us omniscient? Have we a record of omniscience? We are the strongest nation in the world today. I do not believe we should ever apply that economic, political, or military power unilaterally. If we had followed that rule in Vietnam, we wouldn't have been there! None of our allies supported us; not Japan, not Germany, not Britain or France. If we can't persuade nations with comparable values of the merit of our cause, we'd better reexamine our reasoning." - Robert McNamara

"Death is an acceptable alternative to Communism!" - Liberty Prime

“The 20

th Century was the century
of Physics and Chemistry
but it is clear that the next century
will be the century of Biology" - Robert F. Curl

"Extremely serious. It starts with a slight fever and dryness of the throat. When the virus penetrates the red blood cells, the victim becomes dizzy, begins to experience an itchy rash, then the poison goes to work on the central nervous system; severe muscle spasms followed by the inevitable drooling. At this point, the entire digestive system collapses accompanied by uncontrollable flatulence. Until finally, the poor bastard is reduced to a quivering wasted piece of jelly." - Dr. Barry Rumack

"If you mean a wealth tax; well, I invented it" - Garret FitzGerald

08 November 2016

Frostgrave Warband after 7 games

Frostgrave Warband after 7 games I had meant to post this a lot sooner but here we go after 7 games. There were 2 more games in our campaign before this but my previous Elementalist got cut down in the Mausoleum scenario! So my Apprentice, Elrond, took over the role of Wizard and has been pretty successful so far. I looked at all the various combinations of spellcaster and decided to go with Elementalist again, the relatively high initial cost of their spells (10 minimum, Bolt is 12) made me go for that again. I also liked their Aligned schools the most. If I were to start over again I'd probably go for something like Enchanter/Sigilist/Soothsayer and pick some offensive spells as Aligned or Neutral and build them up over time. I really enjoyed having a horde of Warhounds, fielding 4 in two games and 5 in one! That was in my first three games with this new warband, after that I have brought a more diverse range of soldiers in, with the Treasure Hunter being an excellent addition. They are so good I had to get two. They are surprisingly good in defence but when they push up against the enemy they tend to go down hard. My solid 3 Archers served me in almost every game, with 1 of them being replaced by a Tracker in the last game who has yet to distinguish herself. I almost always have a single Zombie raised at the start or in the first few turns and my small Construct has always moved in and grabbed a treasure and left, the only soldier other than the Apprentice to never get reduced to 0 health. In future I may replace the Thief and the Infantryman with something more interesting. Sellsword Captains are OK but mine has never really distinguished himself, though he took out 3 wandering monsters in the last game. Hanging out where monsters spawn may be the best use for him really. Level 25 Elementalist ‘Elrond’i’ 2530 XP M F S A W H Notes 6 +5/+7 0 11 +4 19 Equipment - Hand Weapon +1 Fight, Dagger, Ring of Protection Apprentice ‘Gal-gilad’
M F S A W H Notes 6 +3/+4 -2 10 +2 15 Equipment - Hand Weapon, Dagger Spells: Chronomancer Fast Act 10 Elementalist Elemental Bolt 5 Elemental Wall 10 Scatter Shot 12 Elemental Hammer 8 Enchanter Construct 10 Necromancer Raise Zombie 12 Sigilist Absorb Knowledge 12 Soothsayer Reveal Secret 16 (new) Summoner Leap 8 Possess 14 Imp 12 Summon Demon 14 Thaumaturge Heal 12 (new) Vault: Grimoires: Dispel Draining Word Capture Incantation Home Base: Inn (+1 Soldier) Kennel (Extra slot for a Warhound only) Carrier Pigeons (-1 gc cost on all soldiers) Treasury: 59 Gold (had 800+, sold Philtre of Fury to get 1000+ and bought Heal and Reveal Secret, sold all Healing Potions, Toughness and Invulnerable Potion and Teleport to have enough for standard 3 Strength Potions) Level 2 Captain (Sellsword Expansion) 190 XP M F S A W H Notes 6 +3/+4 +1 11 +3 13 Furious Attack, Coup de Grace, Riposte, [one more] Equipment - Hand Weapon, Dagger +2 Damage, Leather Armour, Strength Potion Soldiers: (All base characters from the main rulebook) Tracker - survived one game, replacing an Archer Archer - survived 7 games, downed 3 times Archer - survived 6 games, badly injured once and missed 1 game Treasure Hunter - survived 3 games, downed 2 times (Strength Potion) Treasure Hunter - survived 4 games, downed 2 times (Strength Potion) Infantryman - survived 3 games Thief - survived 5 games, downed 2 times Construct (Small) - survived 7 games, possibly never injured Warhound (Kennel) - of 6 games with a kennel, downed every time, ‘replaced’ 3 times Also of 7 games, Apprentice never reduced to 0 HP but Wizard was once (full recovery)

22 September 2016

FMA King of the Ring 2016 CAWs Day of Reckoning 1 (GameCube)

Upon regaining full control of the company, Elfgore, Iain and Ellen were joined by the nWo consisting of Harpo, Blackjaw and Oz. He announced a 32 man and woman King of the Ring to unify the two world title belts back into the Undisputed Championship. The Elfgore Family would fight in No DQ matches while in the tournament to give them a level field (and to keep Ellen in the matches) while Blackjaw would get a rematch if he loses his title during the tournament - both titles are forfeited when lost, but can be retained all the way to the finals.

Bold = winner, Italics = player one

Round of 32

Raw 5/09/2016

Cheetah vs. Killalot 12:30/15

Cheetah dominated the Golden Man and moves on to the next round.

Ellen vs Edit Man 11:10/15

Ellen uses the stipulation to her advantage and beats up the referee for a bit. Edit Man puts her through training school but ultimately the trillion dollar princess rolls up Default for the win, surprising many.

White Attack vs. Wolf 10:10/15

Wolf almost had him at various points but after four Baldo Bombs he succumbed to the Great White.

Black Attack vs. Terrorist 11:51/15

A determined Terrorist assault was weakened by an early Bear Hug which left his torso badly injured. Two Iron Claws followed later on and left him bleeding. He managed not to submit but was pinned.

Caflena vs. Whitesmith BYE

Ling vs. Blackjaw 13:45/15

A brief promo by the nWo stating they would not go easy on anyone was followed up by a rapid Blackjaw victory, though Ling almost got the roll up a Razor’s Edge finished her off.

Smackdown! 10/09/2016

CaoCao vs Hitler 5:15/15

10 Nazi Stunners, an 18 count on the outside, 4x Caodrivers, 3 near falls, bloodshed, it all led to the Warlord Lady submitting to an SSTF.

BBJ vs Oz 12:03/15

What could have been a great match was ended by Oz DQ’d for sidewalk slamming the referee.

Waste vs. Optimus Prime 14:09/15

The heavily injured Autobot and US Champion was crushed by Waste. He should really just stay in NXT for a while.

Savage-Feaster vs. Elfgore 13:13/15

Though clearly outmatched, the President defeated S-F by way of three chairs, one announcing table and one superkick.

Baseballman vs. The Blacksmith 11:46/15

Baseball nearly managed a win, but the Tank used multiple headbutts to sap away at him and picked up a surprise pin.

Lennox vs. Disciple BYE

Sunday Night Heat 11/09/2016

Iain vs. Sketlon 10:20/15

Sketlon nearly lost it but a Cross Power Bomb Pin scored him the victory. Iain put up a great fight.

YUGOSLAVIA vs Harpo 13:36/15

The European Champion, the Dinosaur Who Happens to Wrestle went down like so many others to assorted Liquid Strikes and a Confetti Kick.

Aryan vs. Nulk 13:38/15

This one could have gone either way, but the Strongest Man defeated the Master Race.

ET vs Coldsmith 8:09/15

A return to the classic rivalry. 4 Golden Chokeslams severely injured the alien, as well as 2 sets of Multiple German Suplexes. The alien countered with 3 Space Bites but missed all 4 of his attempted 450° splashes, suffering another STF submission finish in this tournament.

Round of 16

Raw 12/09/16 Round of 16

Cheetah vs. Ellen 15:43/20

She tried so hard and broke a number of weapons of the giant’s back but in the end a Buzzsaw Kick and an FU defeated her. She did well!

White Attack vs. Black Attack 15:20/20

What should have been an epic match was brought short by the referee DQ on WA. Both were badly injured by heavy offence early on, but a missile dropkick by WA connected with the referee by mistake we imagine and ended in a DQ. The two brawled for some time afterward - a rematch is almost certain.

Blackjaw vs Caflena 11:46/20

Seeking revenge for his attacks on female wrestlers, Caflena nailed the Walls of Cathay on him after one minute, badly damaging the World Champion. She would go on to counter the Black Edge a minute later and hit the champ with a frog splash and another Walls of Cathay, almost giving her a win. Blackjaw assaulted the referee and hit Caflena with a Black Edge, and wasn’t DQ’d. Caflena got revenge with a Figure 4 Leglock on the outside, which the champion reverse and did another Black Edge on the outside. An 18 count followed, with both scrambling back into the ring. Caflena failed to hit her Momentum Shift on the resurgent Blackjaw and submitted to an Iron Claw.

Big Boy Joe (BBJ) vs Hitler 14:04/20

Hitler never showed up for this match and was kicked around the ring by the giant freak. He submitted to a Mandible Claw.

Elfgore vs Waste 12:34/20

The Necut Champion faced the Chairman - and lost! Despite all the mind games and numerous attacks on each other, Waste just did not perform in this match. Elfgore managed to land a Sharpshooter on the heavily injured champion and scored a win, vacating the Necut Championship.

Blacksmith vs Disciple 17:55/20

Despite great promise, and even a Discipline Slam at 18:50, Blacksmith recovered and hit Disciple with the Jackhammer and won.

Harpo vs Sketlon 18:40/20
Having won almost all of his recent matches in squashes, it was a refreshing change to see the KOTR 2015 defeated by two cross powerbombs rapidly executed early on.

Goldsmith vs Nulk Wulken 15:25

One of the greatest rivalries in the sport, Goldsmith dominate the usually on form Nulk and hit him with numerous Golden Chokeslams. A failed attempt to make Nulk submit by an anklelock resulted in a simple pin finish.

Smackdown! 17/09/16 Quarter Finals

Cheetah vs Black Attack 28:36/30

A relatively tame match, plenty of counters and reversals in the start, with Cheetah slightly more in control. Cheetah avoided an almost certain bear hug, the hit BA with the buzzsaw kick and an FU, followed by a rope break pin. He simply moved BA and pinned him in the middle instead.

Blackjaw vs Big Boy Joe 25:35/30

Claw versus Jaw - a Mandible Claw on Blackjaw at 28:30 was countered by two Black Edges later on. BBJ landed another Mandible Claw ad Blackjaw submitted - the World Championship was now vacated, and BBJ moved onto the semis.

Elfgore vs The Blacksmith 23:42/30

The Chairman vs the Iron King. Numerous chair shots made Tank bleed mere seconds into the match, with Elfgore dominant. Numerous failed attempts by him to lift the Blacksmith into the table followed, with Blacksmith reversing Elfgore into the table instead. A back and forth bout ensued, Elfgore managed to get his first superkick in only to suffer the Jackhammer on the outside a minute later. Superkick #2 followed at 24:20 in the ring, with Blacksmith kicking out at 2. Both sides looked set to finish the other when Elfgore reversed Blacksmith into a back suplex pin, winning at last.

Sketlon vs The Goldsmith 21:55/30

So much rode on this bout - redemption for a failed reign two years prior for the Heartbreaksmith and for the skeleton to prove he still ‘has it’. A Golden Chokeslam after one minute netted a mere 1 count for the smith, while multiple German suplexes would follow. Sketlon managed to pull off an armbar on Goldsmith, followed by an RKO Momentum Shift which resulted in a 2 count. Rope break pins followed for both sides. A cross powerbomb pin at the five minute mark almost finished Goldsmith. Both would miss a series of aerial moves. As they began to tire, Sketlon failed to pull off a cross powerbomb pin, with Goldsmith slamming him to the mat only Sketlon to bounce back and succeed in his finisher the second time around, moving onto the semi finals. Goldsmith joined Sketlon in his celebrations, turning face in the process.

King of the Ring 2016 18/09/2016 Semifinals and Final

Cheetah vs BBJ 29:00/30

Cheetah dominated from the outset and finished his opponent with a Hip Drop pin.

Elfgore vs Sketlon 24:56/30

Sketlon broke a sledgehammer off the referee early on, while Elfgore did not miss and broke a number of weapons off his rival’s back. A near fall at 28:07 came from a Sketlon Hip Drop Pin. The referee was downed for Elfgore’s back drop pin a minute later. Superkicks failed to net Elfgore an early win. Another near fall for Sketlon occurred at 25:55. Three more Superkicks eventually downed Sketlon for a pin, he got up immediately after the first two.


Elfgore vs Cheetah 25:36/30

Despite not being able to lift the majority of his opponents and giving himself and his children a special stipulation rule wherein there would be no DQ in their matches, Elfgore completely flattened Cheetah from the start of the match. A surprise buzzsaw kick three minutes in almost saved Cheetah but a number of superkicks left him bleeding and battered in the ring, with the chairman himself being crowned KOTR 2016 and receiving the re-unified Undisputed Championship.


Iain never made it out of the first round, Ellen at least made it into the 16 while Elfgore went all the way and finished at the very top. This may have been due to the special No DQ rule. Very few of the usual suspects made it to the semis, but there were plenty in the quarter finals only they didn’t advance. Cheetah was a surprise finalist after returning only recently. The success of the 32-wrestler tournament may see another one in the near future.

The Hardcore Championship has been unified with the two world belts as of Raw 19/9/2016, wherein Elfgore celebrated with his family while the nWo were much more jaded. Oz still has the Intercontinental belt, while Blackjaw lost the World title and Harpo has been without a title for a month. Looks like a month of infighting and bullying involving the Elfgore-nWo faction before Hell in a Cell. Some have also taken issue with Elfgore claiming himself the greatest Hardcore wrestler ever. The European Championship is still held by YUGOSLAVIA while Optimus Prime may have to vacate the title due to terrible injuries.

Various wrestlers seek to unify a coalition of sorts to oppose this faction, while the Aryan Nation are certain to continue to side with Elfgore. Others seek to keep their heads low and compete in the Survivor Series, which will be exclusively tag team orientated. The Smiths, the Freakz and three of the four female wrestlers on the roster will certainly ally to oppose the current dominant faction.

09 September 2016

100th post and Review enjoy/hate #10 - Final Fantasy VIII (Steam version)

Woohoo, 100 posts on blog #2, the main one. The first blog still exists but I abandoned it after leaving secondary school/going to university. I never really 'got' tumblr or Instagram but I may expand in that direction at some point in the near future.

Steam is great - I really enjoyed buying DVDs of stuff I liked when it was cool to do so 2004-2010 or so. I like to think I have good taste in movies/video games etc so thankfully I didn't buy that many DVDs before they no longer were cool/practical. Steam allows me to be a bit of a connoisseur once again, I buy games I know I will play and enjoy or have been sufficiently researched by me. Some of the games/movies I own digitally or solid copies are shite, but I like them anyway. Not so many games, but in movies Beowulf (2007) comes to mind. Ho ho, deserves a re-watch. Some DVDs I bought thinking they'd be great (and without watching them prior to that) and was severely disappointed - The Patriot (2000) comes to mind. SO anyway, one of those games I bought recently was Final Fantasy VIII - 8 for those born after 2000 or thereabouts, ha.

I'm not going to post any kind of plot summary or try to sell the game really, this is an extremely subjective review I do for my own amusement. Also, screenshots are from my first playthrough on Steam.

Final Fantasy VIII

I first played it properly around 2007 or 2008 I think. I may have played the first few scenes a number of times prior to that, I only dicked around Balamb Garden, the starting area, and didn't get the plot going. According to my YouTube playlists which date back to 2006 I started adding FFVIII soundtrack stuff around 2007 or 2008 so that's when I played it and finished it, along with 7, 9, 10 and 12.
I have completed it a number of times, while I have got all the GFs and whatnot (and possibly killed Omega Weapon, not sure must check memory cards) I have not played many of the mini games bar Triple Triad, which is great. I competed the Obel Lake Quest but it wasn't too exciting.


There are four discs (gets electrocuted). This game is like 7 in that it is set in the modern era to some extent. The first disc has a pretty tight, action-packed plot that is highly entertaining but never gets too silly and leaves you a bit of time to explore but you are mainly confined to the Balamb and Galbadian continents, which is fine, you see the whole world by the end of disc one in FF7.

After disc two things get kind of insane. Like all FFs have a load of ideas and seem to do almost all of them - if they say there is a horrible scary dungeon at the edge of the world, you can probably fly there later. But a space station?

With only like 15-20 named, important characters and NPCs it is pretty damn tight in drawing them all together and their various interactions. It does have that problem of some of the main characters not getting fleshed out enough - Irvine certainly, not that it fecking matters. It isn't as bad as 9 where some of the others just fade into the background completely.


Probably one of the best soundtracks, my gods it is glorious. I say this after buying the PC version which was all MIDI and it sounded awful initially. It was fine and for 12 euro who can complain but a simple mod called Roses and Wine almost brought tears to my eyes when it replaced the MIDI soundtrack with the original. There are so many good ones it's hard to limit it - Deling City, Esthar City, the Laguna battle music, Time Compression and Ultimecia Castle are probably my favourites.


Realistic proportions were done for the first time here and it works out really well. The Steam version is great too with sharpened graphics especially on the character models but they appear to have copped out in a few scenes. There is an option to use the traditional graphics but I could just boot up the Playstation or figure out how to emulate discs for that lol.


One of the weirdest until 10 and 12 came along and did it different again. 'Junction' GFs/Aeons/Summons/Espers to you, draw magic spells from enemies/bosses and 'junction' those spells to your strength, magic, HP, spirit/vitality etc to increase them. It is possible to stay low level and junction 100 powerful Ultima or Meteor spells to a stat like strength and kick ass (great way to play).

Avoiding levelling up conventionally is almost by the game, bosses don't give EXP but they do drop AP to level up your GF's abilities such as Card Mod (turn weakened enemies into cards, avoid EXP but get AP again). I love it. While I don't mind grinding levels *that* much it is nice to sit back and have a think about what spells should be junctioned to what stats, which GFs to give to various people to assign different abilities (Diablos eventually gets Mug, should I have the main guy Squall do that or my tank/mage?).

You can set the combat to be very fast (yes, but watch out for some enemies) or very slow (gods no, but easier perhaps). The enemies and bosses mix things up enough to keep things interesting and if like me you only fight bosses and some scripted enemies there is enough variety to keep you entertained.

Many complained and still complain about endlessly drawing magic from enemies and I never got that. I would spend an hour at the start of the game drawing 100 Fire, 100 Blizzard and 100 Thunders and maybe a good few Cures and Scans as that is all that's available at the start. That's all you really need. If you fight a soft boss who has Protect and Shell, grab them too. Grab any buff/recover spells you may need along the way, Regen or Haste or Life certainly. With magic refine abilities via GF you can skip getting Cura and Fira and whatnot and just get Curaga and Firaga. It's easy to get by at a low level fighting bosses and whatnot until you get access to Ragnorok and can just fly to the Island Closest to Hell/Heaven and spend and hour here out there drawing form the various powerful spells you can find. 100 Ultima on Squall's Strength at level 7-15 and you can defeat Bahamut and Ultima Weapon no problem at all in the secret dungeon. Lots of Renzokukens, maybe Mighty Guard or two.

Side quests/mini games

There aren't that many, they are generally quite entertaining. Triple Triad, the card game, is pretty great. I was big into Yu-Gi-Oh! cards around the time I played it, while maybe in 1998-9 it resonated with Magic and Pokémon fans. If you've ever played or collected a trading cards game, you'll probably enjoy the game itself and collecting the unique boss/GF and character cards scattered across the world.

I love Triple Triad, I usually wait until I get the Ifrit, Sacred, Minotaur and Diablos cards (all good strong corner cards) before I start playing, so usually around the end of disc one and certainly as soon as I'm back in Balamb Garden in disc two. I keep declining to play until they agree not to mix up the rules and just brute force my way to victory. Doesn't always work as in space (!) you have to use all the rules such as Random card selection and whatnot but that can't be rigged a bit by modding the common cards. Managed to win the Alexander and Laguna cards easily this time on the space station though it can be a save and reload matter sometimes. Getting the Edea card off Edea was much tougher, it usually is.

In conclusion

 Probably my favourite FF, certainly the easiest if you know how to junction and level. It's also probably the shortest, I have finished it in 20 hours or so on the PSX thanks to Encounter None. I really enjoy 7,8,9,10 and 12 - I have yet to properly play 6, having played maybe a fraction of it but I enjoyed it. I may go back after reviewing them all on this and do some sort of comparison if that is even possible.

I never really cared much for achievements 2007-2013 but in recent years it is a nice way to replay a favourite game in certain new ways. It was really fun to play Fallout differently to get different achievements; there are 45~ for FFVIII on Steam and I got 25 or so on the first run, I could probably reload a save and crack out another ten or so but I am going to move on, I played this pretty intensively over a four day period. Some of them I'll probably never bother to get - kill 1000 enemies? That ain't Final Fantasy VIII!

25 August 2016

Rogue Gamer: Dungeons of Frostgrave 25 AUG 2016

Rogue Gamer: Dungeons of Frostgrave 25 AUG 2016: So we went back to the Frostgrave scene, but we tried to incorporate the Into the Breeding Pits dungeon rules this time. Now normally you s...

18 August 2016

Rogue Gamer: The silence of (the Tower of) the Frostgrave 18 AU...

Rogue Gamer: The silence of (the Tower of) the Frostgrave 18 AU...: So we tackled the Frostgrave scenario " The Silent Tower " today and whoa boy, it turned out to be a bloodbath again! It also ran...

04 August 2016

Review enjoy/hate #9 Frostgrave - miniatures in general too

After three games of Frosty Gravy I think I can comment on my experiences and how the system works. First some background from me & miniatures in general and then about my experiences with this new game.


I collected Warhammer Fantasy Battle figures, Warhammer 40k and Lord of the Rings figures in the past. I also received a large number from my two brothers, especially my eldest brother who still collects and models them to an extent. Most of these hand me downs were for a particular board game called battle masters, as well as a number from old board games and whatnot. I collected a few thousand points worth of Space Marines for my sins, mostly between 2001-2006 or thereabouts. I tried to collect a Skaven army for Warhammer Fantasy but never got past the prices I had one regiment of basic rats and the Codex. I had quite a number of Lord of the Rings figures thanks to the magazine and I also bought a few Haradrim boxes which were cheap at the time. Usually I just bought whatever minis I wanted in the end, usually during school lunch time I'd grab a cheap booster pack of interesting figures, its how I ended up with an Eldar Avatar, Giants, Beastmen and a range of others.


Mostly Warhammer 40k, and even that only a dozen times or so. I also played a few of the Lord of the Rings scenarios provided in the collectible magazine, which is also how I got most of my miniatures in that. Never played WFB but would have liked to have run either a really colourful Chaos army or a really boring but sturdy musket heavy Dwarf or Imperial force. Anything that let me use old muskets and muzzle loaded cannons.


You get a Wizard for free then an Apprentice (another, weaker spellcaster) for 200 gold, a Captain if you like for 100 gold and an assortment of others for your Warband. I usually buy Thugs, Thieves and Warhounds as they are all cheap and expendable. I also enjoy Archers, and had a Crossbowman to test one out. Of all the most expensive soldiers I bought a Marksman and he proved quite able at range and close up, probably the most versatile troop just slower. Ranged combat is brutal and at 24'' cover is vital, thankfully Frostgrave is so cluttered with terrain. Close combat is also vicious and generally favours numbers, though anything can happen.

Spells are vital in FG, allowing a range of different effects of you to use. You can summon zombies/constructs/animals/demons to aid in various roles, cast offensive spells to harm your opponents, cast buffs or healing spells and various other spells to control territory, change terrain, move around etc.

By itself, a good fun miniatures game with room for roleplay and customisation. Even better as a longer running campaign with fun emphasised and plenty of scope for tactics and trying new things and bringing different units to the table.

Game #1 

This was full of carnage - nine treasures I think to grab and not that much terrain, a good bit but not enough for FG. I had loads of cover and even climbed a tower with one of my archers and my Wizard leaped up there at one point. Y and Dave never played a miniatures game before but had enough gaming knowledge to fall back on that they were moving around and dealing damage straight away. We all shied away from each other and I managed to grab my three treasures easily enough, while Y got four I think and piled them up near her spawn area but kept going back in for more. Her forces were ultimately routed and some of her units carried a treasure or two off but left at least two up for grabs. Myself and Dave experienced the might of ranged attacks and my Warhounds succeeded in smashing into the side of him but it was messy and my Wizard teleported in only to be taken out. In the end I managed to get the most treasure out but suffered enough to realise FG is brutal at range or close up. This was also mainly just a demo so none of my Wizard's experience carried on - but that's OK, one of the things I loved about playing 1980's games like Space Hulk and 1990 Space Crusade is they at least assumed you'd continue on and play more scenarios.

Game #2

Probably the least brutal of the three games, it was with Ger and Donal and we started fresh with new wizards and warbands. We all had captains and apprentices of course. I elected to be an Elementalist this time, Donal went Necromancy and Ger was Summoning I think. Ger had little experience with miniatures but plenty with gaming at this point and was eager to learn and play and has the exact right mindset for this. Donal has plenty of experience across the field.

My Warhound pack plus Thief swung right to attack Donal but got caught up in all the terrain and he was being very cautious so I was perhaps too cautious too against him. My Wizard, Apprentice and Captain all had teams with them - Wizard and Apprentice just get XP and Treasure, while the Captain and the two Archers and Crossbow would be our base of fire and just kills anything that moved and provide cover etc etc. My two magical teams came up against elements of Ger's forces and the chaos in the middle but managed to lift our three treasures successfully. The Captain and his Archers were extremely effective, given that there was a lot of open space in the middle they really controlled it for the large part. Donal and Ger clashed a lot on their side of the table so I was lucky in a sense this time around.

Above is a (terrible) pic of second game. Note my Wizard and his two ranged helpers on the mosque thing on left, Wizard is third from left. My Captain is in the middle and to the right, in cover with a bow. A zombie has gone around the corner to get a treasure. That's my Apprentice team on the right, gathering another treasure. My Warhounds and Thief had already swept around the right side of the table, off camera. Ger's forces on the top left and Donal's peek out near the top and top right. Post game I got an Inn because I mistakenly thought I would get 13 slots for units, not 11 as it really allows. I would still probably buy it again though. I was lucky with experience from chests and spells cast and went to level 3 I think. I also bought a kennel for another Warhound and a Marksman for next time, all while still having 200+ gold left.

Game #3

I was mistaken this time starting off - 11 units total with Inn not 13, so I fielded 11 units but my magic users failed to create two zombies at the start. Poor placement meant my Apprentice was shot by one of Ger's archers at the start and it was a critical, putting him out of the game on the first turn. This was a huge mistake on my part and I really suffered in magical capability. My Wizard failed to cast any spells and was killed by one of the skeletons on the board by mid game, which was a disaster. I immediately began to downscale my operations, aiming for two of the central special treasures and the one treasure next to my spawn area.

Donal started in heavy cover and emerged strong, hitting myself and Ger very hard while he didn't seem to struggle against us but the randomly spawning skeletons seemed to favour him for some reason and were a major irritant. Ger was a strong presence across the field last time but this time he struggled a bit more but still grabbed his treasure and one major treasure. I finally got to send a pack of Warhounds around and crashed into Ger, and the wildly varying nature of the d20 meant that his Captain and a number of other units were killed in close combat - my WH were wiped out but at 10 gold each they were more than worth it. I could have shot at Ger's last unit with the chest as he was about to leave but then it would have certainly went to Donal so I let it go, and even then he had to evade Donal's Wizard shooting at him as he just got off the board.

Myself and Donal were probably most extensively fighting each other, our ranged units doing some horrific damage to both sides. It soon became clear that with Ger mostly wiped out and clearing the board first with two different treasures the end was near for me, with Donal still having most of his forces. My Captain and Marksman held their ground, with a mundane treasure near them. My Thief managed to get one major treasure off the board eventually and I nearly got another one with my Thug but a skeleton stopped that. Donal was soon surrounding my last three guys and had more troops on the way; I considered just trying to walk off board but my last three guys were rapidly wiped out and victory went to Donal.

Donal went up to level 9, Ger was somewhere behind that but my Wizard rolled a 1 on his recovery roll, killing him and ending my warband. Damn, but it was OK as I got to choose a new Wizard, Apprentice and Captain as well as the Warband. I am currently reading up on spells and going to come back as strong as I can. I'll definitely start with a light, numerous warband for my first return game but hopefully I can upgrade to new and interesting units later.

That last scenario was a bloodbath, with active NPCs randomly attacking their nearest target anyone was fair game. The d20 is good for this, it is distinctive yet it can be fickle. Most units can take a hit or two before going down but that's all, there isn't often a case of one unit taking several hits. I will definitely consider taking spells that control the terrain and battlefield more, as well as making sure to get some help carrying treasures (Zombie various other summons), outnumbering the foe and generally good spells like Leap, Heal etc.