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Has not been on here for a long time, so I felt the need for a brief update and perhaps many more to come. No promises.
As a nerd in a university with thousands of people, it was inevitable I would have to interact with them eventually. I didn't go into college with this mindset, but I would've certainly leaned that way. I had the same three good friends for almost the entire 5 years of secondary school. We were about the closest thing the all-boys secondary had to nerds, so it was safe to say my social skills are the least were somewhat lacking.
I spent much of Semester One of Year One in Arts with a very low profile. The size of my course made making friends with similar interests nigh impossible. One of my friends had met some new people in his course and I had no choice but to stick with him and get to know them. As awesome as they were, I always felt slightly outside of it all - I was the token Arts student on many occasions. It was OK though - I had made little impact in t…