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Necut Development Blog Hemispheres Collide

It was around the year 1900CE/300BD when the major Western powers Lacour, Kalousa and the Elves arrived in Terra Nova and established colonies. Kalousa created a permanent foothold in Sunderstone in the south-west, while Lacour established an outpost on Obsidian; they were both hunting for more Teranese silver. The Elves crossed over and built the Green Fort on the hills of Aquanasia, coming into direct conflict with their old foe, Posia, who ran New Posia.

The Empire of Zont had been created after the arduous process of ending various inter-tribal disputes by the lich, Zont. It was finally safe to trade across its vast expanse, allowing the Teranese to trade silver as far west  as Terra Aqua, Onkere and Austros. These in turn traded with the Maritime Powers in the Western Hemisphere for various manufactured goods. Prior to this, silver passed through the Purple Straits - controlled entirely by Posia - which made it extremely difficult to acquire at times in the West. Hungry for silve…