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Reviews of some shite I've enjoyed/hated over the last few months #7 Fallout New Vegas DLCs Honest Hearts - Dead Money - Old World Blues - Lonesome Road

This was my third time finishing Honest Hearts, second time finishing Old World Blues and first time ever beating Dead Money and Lonesome Road. I had got about halfway through the latter two before but got bored of Lonesome Road/Fallout in general and either stopped playing or used the option to walk back to the start and left it. Sierra Madre/Dead Money was really hard for my Guns girl so I had to give up after triggering the gala event, with my limbs broken, all meds gone and plenty of ghost people hunting for me.

This time was different, I had started playing an Unarmed/Melee/Explosives character who gradually used the Power Fist only. I usually ignore close combat/fisticuffs but I really, really enjoyed Unarmed and the Power Fist especially, and later the Saturnite Super-heated Fist. I enjoyed it even more than my run as a INT 1 CHA 1 Melee-focused tough guy.

Honest Hearts

Everyone's least favourite DLC. I had already racked up all the assorted achievements and challenges from …