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Civ 4 18 civs Pangaea test Marathon Monarch episode 7

Kind of a desultory ending to a decent game, the insanity of the first half kind of killed the competition off also their insistence on not researching Rifling - though they had steel Cannons, Airships (in limited supply) and had just gained access to Machine Guns and Steel ships, the land war was what mattered.

Frickin' slaughter here actually makes Lincoln renounce Charlemagne's protection.

^ My allies actually beat me to a variety of locations as we feasted on the Viking-Zulu-Ethiopian Empire.

^ He concedes quite lightly. Mao and Lincoln follow in exact sequence after he goes under.

^  Thought he would be the real big bad.

^ They all have NICE technologies.

^ Rameses looking chuffed. Top score and managed to displace one of my early win Roman games. Might return with either Earth map or another crazy 18 civ random script map next time. This was good fun and I was probably lucky not have got dog-piled by advanced civs earlier in the game. Weak or dead neighbours also played …

Civ 4 18 civs Pangaea test Marathon Monarch episode 6

Almost there. Attacking Genghis and almost winning now.

^ His lands. His giant stack of doom is still in the Zulu lands there on the left.

^ I declared on him and then didn't try and topple the vote. Everyone said 'no' to ending the war so it's all good.

^ Early concessions - I forgot he had some land south of me.

^ My stack squares off with his in Celtic lands. I will now try and get him to move onto the lowland so he will lose that hill defence bonus.

^ He's getting closer...

^ There we go!

^ A terrible clash of arms, we took so many casualties in this game at 60% or more odds in our favour, but I guess that's civ.

^ Tons of promotions available next turn and despite surviving with a large number of troops intact after our assault his counterattack fails miserably, we lose 4 guys while he loses every other battle.

^ Still not giving in. The amount of red relations here and wars versus all 9+ of my vassals...

^ A quick look at the global situation.

^ Set up a …

Civ 4 18 civs Pangaea test Marathon Monarch episode 5

Swinging West at last and some consolidation

^ Louis is next, the founder of Hinduism...

^ The base of my colonial ambitions...

^ So it begins, reconquering  Ankhor Thom.

^ The stack. Again, nowhere else in the world has researched Rifling.

^ L'Advance into the Khmer/Louis XIV.

^ Louis falls. I give him back a few cities.

^ Finally some recognition.

^ My attempts to conquer the Barbarian Isles.

^ They held out well, the Barbs. Also passed the 'Habormaster' quest.

^ Introducing the Babylonians under Joao. Finally have those Barbarian islands under my control.

^ Also a surprise entry into the Industrial Age via a tech trace. Scientific Method shows me where the Oil is.

^ Will swing for the Great Spy perk of researching Communism first.

^ Plenty of Oil and other 'General' resources within our borders.

^ Fear the Sumerian Stack. Getting into position versus the Dutch-Persian in light blue.

^ Probably my greatest rival.

^ Espionage. Note the renewed '3' main enem…